About Hermosa Montessori School

Hermosa Montessori School is a private Tucson preschool and a tuition-free public charter school for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students. Hermosa offers a uniquely designed learning environment for students from preschool through middle school. Our classrooms are supportive communities of students and teachers that respect children as unique individuals. Each classroom community is designed to correspond to students' developmental characteristics, interests, and abilities. Hermosa Montessori starts with the premise that children naturally want to learn, they learn in many different ways, and at their own pace. Learning is focused on experience, investigation, and research through active engagement, not rote drill and memorization.

High Expectations

Hermosa School sets high expectations for all students, both academically and personally. We encourage students to strive for their personal best, rather than compete against one another for the highest grade. Activities at Hermosa are structured to facilitate the development of intrinsic motivation, and personal responsibility. Hermosa students are encouraged to apply themselves to increasingly challenging work across academic disciplines. They are taught to write, speak, and think clearly and thoughtfully. They learn how to integrate new concepts, analyze data, and think critically. Students also have opportunities to serve as peer tutors and participate in local community service, which helps develop character traits such as compassion, helpfulness, cooperation, and empathy. Hermosa graduates often display an exceptional ability to think creatively and to express themselves confidently.

An "Excelling" School Since 2004

In 2004 Hermosa was recognized as one of three charter schools in the Tucson area to be labeled an ''excelling'' school by the state of Arizona. This is the highest rank the state awards to public schools, and is given after evaluating tests scores and other assessments. Hermosa is currently proud to an excelling Tucson school.

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An Excelling School

Hermosa is proud to be an excelling Tucson charter school--the highest rank the state awards to schools.

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Hermosa Montessori School is located in a distinctive Tucson location especially chosen for its beauty.

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Montessori Method

Montessori is both a philosophy and psychology of child growth and development--and an educational system for guiding such growth.

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Take a virtual tour of Hermosa's campus, and view other pictures.

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