History of Hermosa Montessori School

Hermosa was founded in 1978 inspired by the work of Dr. Maria Montessori, and with the vision of the School's founder and current Head of School, Sheila Stolov. Ms. Stolov, an AMI (Association Montessori International) certified Montessori teacher, was taught and mentored by Lena Wikramaratne, who was one of a few remaining teachers to be instructed by Dr. Montessori herself. Ms. Wikramaratne worked with Dr. Montessori to develop the elementary curriculum. Hermosa's first classes were held on the Regina Cleri Campus, a beautiful 25-acre campus comprised of lush and serene gardens, and historic and spacious buildings. The first classes served preschool and kindergarten students. In 1982, at the urging of Hermosa parents, some of who were also Hermosa teachers, an elementary program was implemented. The program's first elementary instructor, Mr. Randy Young, is still teaching students at Hermosa.

Hermosa's Current Location

In 1983 a ten-acre parcel of land in the Tanque Verde Valley was purchased which has become Hermosa's permanent home. In 1985 the first new building was completed. In 1997 Hermosa Montessori became a tuition free public charter school for kindergarten through 6th grade students. In 1998, again fueled by parental urging, a middle school program and building to house it was added. In 2000 two new classroom communities were built to house lower and upper elementary, grades 1-6.

In 2005, six acres were added to Hermosa's eastern boundary. This recent acquisition will enable Hermosa to complete the founder's vision of school that encompasses an integration of environmental, academic, character, and art education for Tucson kindergarten, elementary, and middle school children. The addition of a Performing Arts Multi Purpose facility is now being planned. When funds are raised for this new facility, construction will begin. Hermosa is now home to approximately 300 preschool through middle school students and their parents.

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An Excelling School

Hermosa is proud to be an excelling Tucson charter school--the highest rank Arizona awards to schools.

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Hermosa Montessori School is located in a distinctive Tucson location especially chosen for its beauty.

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Montessori Method

Montessori is both a philosophy and psychology of child growth and development--and an educational system for guiding such growth.

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Take a virtual tour of Hermosa's campus, and view other pictures.

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