Listed below are the policies affecting students at Hermosa Montessori School. Copies are available from the office by request. It is essential to be familiar with these policies.

For a document which can be printed and signed, click here.

  • Chronic Illness
  • Harassment
  • Comprehensive Health Education
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Discipline
  • Excessive Absence & Excessive Tardiness
  • Fundraising Guidelines & Proposal Form
  • Gifts, Donations and Fees
  • Hardship Policy
  • HIV Infection/AIDS
  • Homeless
  • Life Threatening Allergy
  • Middle School Incomplete Work
  • Middle School MP3 Players
  • Open Enrollment Guardianship Considerations
  • Parent/Adult Behavior
  • Promotion & Non-Promotion
  • Requirements for Entrance into Kindergarten & First Grade
  • School Health
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Special Education
  • Tax Credit Procedures
  • Tobacco Use on School Premises

  • Annual AHERA Notification- July 31st, 2010

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    An Excelling School

    Hermosa is proud to be an excelling Tucson charter school--the highest rank Arizona awards to schools.

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    Hermosa Montessori School is located in a distinctive Tucson location especially chosen for its beauty.

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    Montessori Method

    Montessori is both a philosophy and psychology of child growth and development--and an educational system for guiding such growth.

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    Take a virtual tour of Hermosa's campus, and view other pictures.

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