Hermosa Montessori's Preschool and Kindergarten Staff

Sally Withers

Sally Withers studied at Washington University as a Spanish major and also in Cuernavaca, Mexico. At the U of A Sally participated in the summer program in Guadalajara, studied Latin American Literature, and La Novela de la Revolucion Mexicana. Sally has been a life long dancer and has been teaching dance for adults and children since 1977 including ballet, dance aerobics, and jazz as well as Tiny Tot Development for children in various local Tucson dance studios. In her free time Sally practices Tai Chi, is a student of African and Afro Cuban dance, and Djembe and Conga drumming. Sally is also a member of the band, Water on the Rocks, and performs in various local venues. Sally enjoys traveling and has visited China, Cuba, India, Mexico, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Singapore, England, and Holland. She enjoys bringing cultural activities to the children she teaches. Sally is the mother of two sons, former Hermosa students, and began her Hermosa involvement first as a parent. She is also the proud grandmother of two children.

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An Excelling School

Hermosa is proud to be an excelling Tucson charter school--the highest rank Arizona awards to schools.

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Hermosa Montessori School is located in a distinctive Tucson location especially chosen for its beauty.

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Montessori Method

Montessori is both a philosophy and psychology of child growth and development--and an educational system for guiding such growth.

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