About Hermosa Montessori School's Staff

''I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn." -Albert Einstien

Most of Hermosa Montessori's staff have worked together at our school for over a decade, a number of us since the School's inception over twenty five years ago.

Teacher Resumes

Resume information for all employees who provide instruction to pupils
is available in Hermosa’s office.

Montessori Certification

A teacher in an authentic Montessori program will be certified by an accredited Montessori Teacher Training program in addition to obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees. The teacher will have attended courses from 9 months to two years to learn how to direct a Montessori program. Montessori teacher training emphasizes the development of the total child - emotional, physical, intellectual, and social. Your child's teacher works closely with your child giving guidance when needed. She/he is trained to observe the individual interests and needs of each child, demonstrate the correct use of classroom materials, and guide your child into appropriate activities.

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Preschool Staff

Meet Hermosa Montessori's Pre-school and Kindergarten staff.

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Lower Elementary Staff

Meet Hermosa Montessori's Lower Elementary staff.

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Upper Elementary Staff

Meet Hermosa Montessori's Upper Elementary staff.

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Middle School Staff

Meet Hermosa Montessori's Middle School staff.

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Meet Hermosa Montessori's support staff.

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Principal and Head of School

Meet Hermosa Montessori's Principal and Head of School.

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