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 Parent Survey
 Arizona Department of Education requires 100% compliance, so
every Hermosa household
MUST complete one of these surveys.
Access Survey Here
 Dear Parents; Please follow the link above to complete a survey to determine which students are eligible for certain Federal programs.  To qualify for grant funding, schools MUST report the number of children whose families fall within the income guidelines.  It is important that we get 100% compliance with this survey.
It is very brief and will only take moments of your time to complete. We need all surveys complete Friday, September 29, 2023   Sincerely, Theresa GarroneAdministrator
 Last Garden Meeting Summary The Hermosa Garden Group held its first official meeting this past Friday! Our time was spent introducing ourselves, establishing our group’s mission statement, and providing an update on the gardens. Students who worked in the gardens this past season provided parents with informative and entertaining experiences, as well as samples such as corn, zucchini flowers, basil, and peppers. On the first Friday of each month, our group will meet to discuss volunteer opportunities, provide updates, connect with our Hermosa community, and exchange gardening knowledge.
This group is open to all members of the Hermosa community!
We hope to see you at our next meeting on
Friday, October 6th
.  Please email Goose (goosek@hermosaschool.org) if you have any questions. Happy Planting!
Power Point Slides From Last Meeting
 Primary Gardens: Parent Volunteers The Primary classrooms are excited to begin their Fall and Winter gardens, and could use
help. Each classroom has a raised bed garden that needs a bit of TLC. The summer’s growth and some weeds need to be cleared to prepare for new planting. If you would like to help, use this link to find a time that fits with your schedule.
Mary Beth’s Classroom RSVP
Sally’s Classroom RSVP
Stacy’s Classroom RSVP
 Garden Supplies All communities participate in gardening projects. To prepare our gardens we could use the following: 15 large bags of gardening soil and 10 bags of compost. We greatly appreciate your help and support. Donations of supplies may be placed on the outdoor porch adjacent to Goose’s classroom entry.
Donate Supplies Here

Sprouts Farmers Market

will be delivering lunch

on Tuesday & Thursday next week.

Download menu here

(Bagel & Cream Cheese Kids Meal is also available)

$6 per lunch

Please complete order forms no later than


for lunch to be served on

Tuesday 9/12, Thursday 9/14

Tuesday Order Form
Thursday Order Form
 Students have a chance to show their beautiful smiles during picture day with Design Photography. Please click
for detailed information. Tuesday
Sept. 12-
Classroom Group PicturesWednesday
Sept. 13-
Individual Pictures-
Elementary II & Middle SchoolThursday
Sept. 14-
Individual Pictures-
Primary & Elementary I Sibling Photos – choose Wednesday 9/13 or Thursday 9/14 from 8:00-8:30 A.M. (come with a parent)
 Friday, September 29
Register Here (Free)
 One of the things you’ll learn on this creek walk is that Tanque Verde Creek – like many of our other creeks – is inhabited by some invasive species. WMG has received funding to remove one of these species, Arundo Donax (also known as giant reed), from the Tanque Verde. Arundo is harmful because it drinks up to 3-4 times as much water as native desert plants, crowds out native species and habitat, and increases the risk of flooding and wildfire. By removing Arundo, the River Run Network is helping to restore groundwater levels and surface flow in the Tanque Verde. Join us to experience the creek firsthand, see the work other River Run Network Members have already done to remove Arundo, and learn how you can help too! This event is organized through WMG’s River Run Network. If you are not yet a member, we will add you to the Network when you register for this event. RRN membership is free and gives you access to a variety of virtual, dispersed, and physically-distanced events including creek walks, restoration activities, river cleanups, and educational workshops.
 In Social Studies, students are learning about the causes, leaders of, events surrounding, and effects of revolutions throughout history. They are learning that revolutions have been and continue to be a significant force in our world.Students are learning about the following significant cultural changes brought about by the following revolutions:   Scientific 1540-1700Glorious 1688Industrial 1760-1840American 1765-1791French 1791Mexican 1910Russian 1917Cultural in China 1966  While learning about the American Revolution they ponder the following guiding question:What forces brought about the American Revolution?  Students also learned about the role of propaganda in revolutions, and played a role playing simulation game to help students understand why American colonists were upset with British tax laws.
 In Math class this week, Elementary II 4th year students learned about fraction family groups and equivalent fractions. While cutting a watermelon the students were able to observe that as fraction families got larger, the pieces got smaller.
 Elementary I Basketball
 This session of Elementary I Gila Monsters basketball is all full. Future opportunities will be announced.
 One of the many wonderful components of Hermosa’s educational philosophy is the recognition that students progress at various rates. Not all students are ready for lessons in academic areas at the same time. Hermosa teachers embrace this idea and provide lessons and follow up practice at each students’ developmental level. In the photos below you can see students working on basic phonics, and reading comprehension skills with a peer tutor. Third year students practiced their math computational skills using the AI program ALEKS.
 Happy Birthday Maria Montessori!
 On August 31, primary students celebrated the 153rd birthday of Maria Montessori. The children loved hearing about how she invented many of the materials we use in our classrooms, and worked to make the world a more peaceful place. One of the classroom plants was named for Dr. Montessori. Students had a special birthday circle for Dr. Montessori, and even ate some gelato for an Italian birthday treat to commemorate Dr. Montessori’s Italian birthplace. Thank you Maria Montessori!
Play Video Here
 Your Extracurricular Dollars at Work
 Elementary I students enjoyed a wonderful visit from the Sonora Desert Museum. Students learned about webs of life, food chains, and got up close and personal with a few desert critters.
 After students harvested basil, they combined it with strawberries and prickly pear fruit to make a special limeade that all enjoyed.
 Elementary I and Elementary II students completed their seven elements of art study. The finished product was glued into each of their own art sketchbooks. This week they explored the elements of Shape, Form, Space, and Texture.
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