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Room to Grow – A Letter from Principal Stolov

Room to Grow A Letter from Principal Stolov   The first days of a new school year conjure an array of emotionalexperiences for all involved; parents, students, teachers,administrators, principal, vice principal, even those of us who havecompleted this ritual for many years. This year begins my fiftiethconsecutive year of a new beginning. For parents it […]

“Campus Hardening” -A Message from Principal Stolov

Campus Hardening A Message from Principal Stolov Following the unimaginable and horrific Uvalde School Shooting, I have spent the month of June reviewing Hermosa’s plan for the safety of our students and staff. Some changes to increase safety have already been made, and others are in process. All the completed and proposed changes are to “harden” […]

Hermosa Headlines May 27, 2022

Hermosa Headlines May 27, 2022  See this edition of Hermosa Headlines here. New to Hermosa Headlines? Here is a a video run down of what is included in our Hermosa Headlines newsletter publications each week, which generally include: Important information and updates for parents to be aware of. Links and articles to keep the community […]

Sign Up For Hermosa Headlines Newsletter

Sign Up For Hermosa Headlines Our Campus Newsletter During the school year, all important information to the parents and Hermosa community is distributed through our weekly newsletter, Hermosa Headlines. Privacy is very important in our community. Therefore, we publish information and content to our community using a newsletter that is emailed every week. Click here […]