Hermosa Montessori

Campus Hardening

A Message from Principal Stolov

Following the unimaginable and horrific Uvalde School Shooting, I have spent the month of June reviewing Hermosa’s plan for the safety of our students and staff. Some changes to increase safety have already been made, and others are in process. All the completed and proposed changes are to “harden” the campus to increase the security for all of the Hermosa community. The perimeter fencing around the outdoor areas is completed and renewed which includes a deterrent to access from the exterior of the fencing. Exterior access gates have been removed to control ingress and egress access. Security cameras, communications systems, and controlled access exterior gates are now in process. You will receive more detailed information regarding new ingress and egress procedures during the welcome back event. 

Hermosa staff and students learn many important lessons on safety, some of these lessons are highlighted in the article “Protected: Patient Movement at Patagonia Lake” written by George Hupp.  We are very fortunate to be associated with George Hupp who has instructed staff and students in the past, and will also be providing a new full day course for all staff entitled “Violence Avoidance and Survival.” George Hupp is a retired federal special agent and has been teaching civilians, military, and law enforcement personnel to defend themselves since the early 1980s. He has trained instructors on Active shooter, then Active Killer response, including as a member of the Davis Monthan AFB Emergency Services Team, and as an HSI agent. George was also a taskforce officer on an FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce (JTTF) and a certified Federal Law Enforcement Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and Use of Force instructor. George has been an EMT since 1992 and a Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) instructor, served as a law enforcement tactical medic on warrant service teams for over ten years, and has participated as a trainer in numerous Active Shooter workshops for educators put on by SROs (School Resource Officers) of Pima County, to name only a few of his credentials and accomplishments. George continues to train civilians and public safety personnel in Active Killer response and is a great supporter of Hermosa students and community.  

-Sheila Stolov, Principal