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Hermosa Montessori School

About us

Hermosa Montessori School is a private Tucson preschool and a tuition-free public charter school for kindergarten, elementary, and middle school students. 

About Hermosa Montessori School

Hermosa offers a uniquely designed learning environment for students from preschool through middle school. Our classrooms are supportive communities of students and teachers that respect children as unique individuals. Each classroom community is designed to correspond to students’ developmental characteristics, interests, and abilities. Hermosa Montessori starts with the premise that children naturally want to learn, they learn in many different ways, and at their own pace. Learning is focused on experience, investigation, and research through active engagement, not rote drill and memorization.

Hermosa’s Educational Approach

Hermosa’s educational approach is designed not only to teach children basic skills and information. Our program focuses on “growing good people” through our monthly virtue program and social communication curriculum. 

Explore and Learn

Hermosa’s campus and learning environments are carefully designed to inspire children to explore and learn. The classrooms are filled with hands-on materials that are attractively displayed and available at all times.  Students choose, access, and replace materials based on their interest and attention, not on district imposed time limits and curriculum. Additional materials and resources are provided as we identify specific areas of interest to each individual child.  In Hermosa’s classrooms you will notice:  

  • Various activity stations for children to choose from throughout the day.
  • Teachers moving from group to group instead of standing at the front of the classroom.
  • A nontraditional grading system.
  • A focus on the whole student—social, emotional, intellectual and physical development are all integrated.

Exceptional teachers

Hermosa’s teachers have Montessori training in addition to their various undergraduate and graduate level degrees. They nurture and inspire children who naturally want to learn. They know how to ask the right questions, not just provide answers. Hermosa teachers teach individual or small group lessons designed to promote learning through exploration, imagination, curiosity, and inquiry. Teachers also model socially appropriate behavior, positive life values, and virtues. 

A-Rated School

Hermosa students participate in state mandated testing along with all public school students.  As a measure of success, Hermosa consistently excels in scoring  at the highest ‘A’ rating. These high test scores are consistently achieved without a “test driven” curriculum. Unlike many other schools, our students don’t spend the majority of their days practicing for the test.

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