Hermosa Montessori

Hermosa Montessori School



Hermosa students have the  opportunity to develop their voice as an instrument, and to learn the necessary  skills to belong to a musical ensemble. In choir students learn musicianship, diction, introduction to solfege, and musical literacy. Choir also helps sharpen the thinking skills of reasoning, perception, creativity, persistence, sustained attention, and problem solving. Belonging to a choir also helps Hermosa students develop the social skills of self confidence, self control, and performance.  


Art classes are  designed to increase children’s awareness of the different kinds of art. Classes provide children a wide range of experiences that helps them to appreciate the art around them. Most importantly, children learn that there is no wrong way to do art. Art is painting, drawing, pasting, sculpting and printmaking.  It is coloring, sewing, cutting, pasting,  and building. It is expressing and observing. Students learn basic elements of art; line, shape, color, value, texture, form, space, perspective,and composition. 


Chess Master Steve brings the wonderful world of chess to Hermosa students. Chess can help students increase their math, verbal skills and their creative and critical thinking abilities. Chess also helps students develop self-discipline, concentration, critical insights, and analysis while having fun. 


Cooking Corner with Hermosa’s teacher Carlie, will combine cooking and culinary skills while following principles of Montessori philosophy. Using a scaffolded approach students will learn to cook items ranging from appetizers, a main dish and desserts. Recipes are curated to include fresh ingredients and from “scratch” cooking. Carlie honed her cooking and baking skills while working in a 4 Star Tucson restaurant

Drama Kids

Students participate in activities that build acting and life-long skills including scene building, creative movement, improvisation, team building, and public thinking skills. Classes include weekly whole group plays.