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Hermosa Headlines (9/15/2023)

Be sure to click “…” to expand the entire email “What is the most important ingredient for motivating children to develop personal responsibility and the skills/characteristics to reach their full potential? Every year, as kids return to school, people ask this question. Some believe the answer lies in developing improved teaching methods and more advanced […]

Hermosa Headlines (08/25/2023)

Be sure to click “…” to expand the entire email REMINDER COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS We are very excited to begin our Hermosa Garden Group! Please complete the RSVP form (found below) to let us know you are able to attend our first meeting on Friday, September 1 (3:30 – 4:30 pm) in Elder Way I (Don’s […]

Hermosa Headlines (09/02/2023)

Be sure to click “…” to expand the entire email Happy Birthday to Dr. Maria Montessori! Dear Maria Montessori,  Millions of people are walking the earth leading better lives of peace and fulfillment because you came along in 1870 and then later dared to pursue your dream to pierce the armor of a men only club that […]

Hermosa Headlines (09/09/2023)

 Be sure to click “…” to expand the entire email  Required  Parent Survey  Arizona Department of Education requires 100% compliance, so every Hermosa household MUST complete one of these surveys. Access Survey Here  Dear Parents; Please follow the link above to complete a survey to determine which students are eligible for certain Federal programs.  To qualify for […]

Room to Grow – A Letter from Principal Stolov

Room to Grow A Letter from Principal Stolov   The first days of a new school year conjure an array of emotionalexperiences for all involved; parents, students, teachers,administrators, principal, vice principal, even those of us who havecompleted this ritual for many years. This year begins my fiftiethconsecutive year of a new beginning. For parents it […]

“Campus Hardening” -A Message from Principal Stolov

Campus Hardening A Message from Principal Stolov Following the unimaginable and horrific Uvalde School Shooting, I have spent the month of June reviewing Hermosa’s plan for the safety of our students and staff. Some changes to increase safety have already been made, and others are in process. All the completed and proposed changes are to “harden” […]

Hermosa Headlines May 27, 2022

Hermosa Headlines May 27, 2022  See this edition of Hermosa Headlines here. New to Hermosa Headlines? Here is a a video run down of what is included in our Hermosa Headlines newsletter publications each week, which generally include: Important information and updates for parents to be aware of. Links and articles to keep the community […]

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Sign Up For Hermosa Headlines Our Campus Newsletter During the school year, all important information to the parents and Hermosa community is distributed through our weekly newsletter, Hermosa Headlines. Privacy is very important in our community. Therefore, we publish information and content to our community using a newsletter that is emailed every week. Click here […]

Welcome Back Event 2022-2023

Welcome Back Event Friday, July 22  Important for all Hermosa families to attend. Welcome Back!Join us at our Welcome Back Event.At this Event families will: Receive Classroom Assignments Receive Arrival/Dismissal Procedures Receive COVID-19 Safety Protocols including updated Mitigation Plan Receive Primary Phase-In Schedules (Primary Community) Receive Community 2022-2023 Parent Handbook Receive 2021-2022 standardized test results […]